May 2018 Release: Snaplex Whitelisting

This demo video shows how Admins can improve security with the SnapLogic Snaplex Whitelisting capability.

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In this video, I’ll provide you an overview of the Snaplex Whitelisting feature.  For security purpose, customers want to be able to have control over the nodes that are allowed to join a given Snaplex.  

In the May 2018 release, for groundplexes only, we allow the customer to control what nodes are allowed to join a given Snaplex via IP whitelisting.  Only nodes that have source IP addresses that are specified in the UI by the org admin will be allowed to join the Snaplex.   

If the address of the groundplex does not fall within the specified range, then the groundplex is rejected and not allowed to join.  

As an org admin, If I login to the SnapLogic Manager and select Settings on the left hand side and scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a configuration setting called Groundplex Whitelist.  I click on the Manage Groundplex Whitelist box revealing the configuration.  

By default, all groundplex nodes are allowed to connect to your Snaplex.  Select Only allow Groundplex nodes to connect from the following IP ranges option.  This allows you to add an IP address range by clicking on the + button.  You then enter the starting IP and ending IP address.  

By entering in IP addresses only nodes within the specified range will be allowed to connect. You can click the Validate button to verify the node is able/not able to connect.

So by providing control to the Org admin, the Snaplex Whitelisting feature helps improve security by allowing only nodes within a controlled IP address range to join a given Snaplex.

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