May 2024 Product Release Hub

Welcome to the May 2024 Product Release Hub Page! Check out the May Customer webinar to learn what is new and updated in the recent releases of SnapLogic’s Generative Integration Platform. You can also read the May 2024 Product Release Blog to get details.

In the customer webinar, we cover:

  • Generative Integration
    • Connect to an LLM and vector database of your choice with support for Amazon Bedrock LLM and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search (Check out the video)
    • SnapGPT enhancements
      • Personalized pipeline generation with via retrieval augmented generation 
  • Platform Updates
    • Better automation with new public APIs to easily export/import assets and manage Groundplexes
    • Connectivity Improvements
      • Enhanced support for open formats with Iceberg table support for Snowflake Snap Pack
  • Enterprise Data Orchestration
    • New Sources such as HTTPClient and Destinations such as Amazon S3, ADLS Gen2, Databricks
    • Improved connectivity to any bespoke application with source Connectors SDK let’s you build a custom connector 
    • Usability improvements such as ability to stop and upgrade integrations
  • Augmented Data Management
    • Better governance of your integration assets with the all new Integrations Catalog! (Check out the video)
  • Composable Enterprise with API Management
    • Less time spent on time-consuming manual work with automation driven by new public APIs for API lifecycle management, user management, and portal management
    • Enhanced API security with new JWT policy
  • And many more

Short on time? Check out the video highlights.

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