November 2019 Release: Iris AI Enhancements

In this video, learn how Iris AI makes it easier for you to build non-linear pipelines and source-to-target mappings.

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In this video, I’m going to go over the update to SnapLogic Iris AI in the November 2019 release. First, we’ve improved the pipeline recommendations so not only have we improved the algorithm but now we also look at successfully executed pipelines. 

The algorithm also now supports nonlinear pipelines.

As a platform, we have always focused on improving productivity for less technical users like our citizens and ad hoc integrators. This feature is in addition to the Snap suggestions. We now have pipeline recommendations when you have pipelines with multiple targets. 

The second enhancement is for Mapper Autolink. We’ve not only improved the algorithm but now we give a score accuracy for the recommendations so users can look at the rating of the match and choose the fields to include or exclude from the mapping.

I’m going to show you both of these in a brief demo. The first thing I’ll do is drag on a file reader and a file writer snap. Now I’m going to add a copy Snap in the middle. Now I have different pipeline recommendations that now include not only in the file reader, the file writer but also the copy snap. 

With auto-link, when I click on the auto-link button, I now have the input schema and the target schema and there’s a score rating for each mapping. I can then choose to accept all or accept selected fields for my mappings. Obviously, the matches in this demo aren’t real-life scenario so the scores aren’t great. But with this feature, even a new user who has limited to no experience with these schemas can leverage intelligence from all successful pipelines to build these mappings quickly. 

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