November 2022 Customer Webinar: Learn What’s New

Welcome to the November 2022 Product Update Hub Page! Check out the November customer webinar to learn what is new and updated in the recent releases of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform.

We cover:

  • Overview of our Cloud Data Orchestration (CDO) initiative
  • Data Updates as part of our CDO initiatives such as enhancements to AutoSync and AutoPrep
    • AutoSync: Load data to Google BigQuery and collaborate between teams with ease instantly (Watch Demo Video 1)
    • AutoPrep: Easily format dates, country codes, currency, etc. and mask data seamlessly without writing ANY code (Watch Demo Video 2)
  • Improved infrastructure view in Studio (Get details here)
  • Platform updates such as CI/CD enhancements, security updates, and mapper update (Watch Demo Video 3)
  • Snap Enhancements to popular Snap Packs such as Amazon S3, Marketo, Exchange Online, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, and many more (Get details here)
  • API Management updates that help you automate mundane tasks such as copying and moving assets and importing, exporting policies with just a few clicks (Get details here)

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