November 2023 Product Release Hub

Welcome to the November 2023 Product Release Hub Page! Check out the November Customer webinar to learn what is new and updated in the recent releases of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. You can also read November 2023 Product Release Blog to get details.

In the customer webinar, we cover:

  • Generative Integration updates that include
    • Better support for expressions for transforming data in the Mapper SnapGPT (Check out the video)
    • Convert text prompt into a SQL query quickly for any database, cloud data warehouse, or any Snap with a SQL query box (Check out the video)
  • Platform Updates that include new Admin Manager features that simplify management, ease connectivity for Cloudplexes to data behind firewall, and add new node types
    • Easily connect SnapLogic Cloudplexes to data and applications that reside in your AWS VPC through AWS PrivateLink (Check out the video)
    • New Memory Optimized Nodes for more memory intensive workloads such as doing complex transformations or loading massive amounts of data
    • Admin Manager updates that simplify management and improve security
  • Snap Updates
    • Modernize your finance automation workflows with the new NetSuite REST Snap Pack (Check out the video)
    • New PDF Snap Pack so you can automate workflows with PDF invoices and POs
  • Enterprise Data Orchestration Updates
    • Data transformations before it is loaded in the target data store starting with column filtering (Check out the video)
    • Support for multiple sources in one data pipeline (Check out the video)
    • New Sources and destinations
  • Enhancements that help you build a composable enterprise with our API Management solution
    • New Security Policies – Mutual TLS, OpenIDConnect and JWT based authentication – that help you improve your security posture (Check out the video)
    • New public APIs to easily migrate proxy APIs and related assets
    • Easy access to the API Developer Portal

Short on time? Check out the video highlights.

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