August 2018 Release: Reltio Execute Snap

In this video, you will learn how to use extract information using the Reltio Execute Snap. To learn more about the Reltio Execute Snap Pack, visit

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Hi. In this video I will show you how you can easily extract entities and add a tag using the Reltio Execute Snap. Entities represent objects, such as people, companies or locations.

The Reltio Execute Snap provides the flexibility to operate on various Reltio APIs with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operations.

In this demo, we will extract first five entities using the query parameter from the entire set of entities stored in the Reltio tenant. The HTTP request body is left empty since it won’t be required in this extraction. The HTTP request is only required for POST operation.

The retry limit is set to five which is the maximum number of requests to attempt in case of connection failure.

Pivoting over to the output window, you can see all five entities as we scroll down.

Then, we will extract the entity ID for each entity.

We can see the first object of the entity ID shown on this table.

We then create a new URL where we add a tag to that entity ID. In this example, we see ‘SnapLogic’ as the new tag.

This is added by the Reltio Execute Snap with POST operation where we pass service URL and the request body is passed from upstream.

Using the Reltio Execute Snap, users can now easily connect, configure and execute different Reltio APIs to perform the necessary operations without writing a single code.

Thank you for watching this video! Visit to learn more about Snaplogic.


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