February 2019 Release: Salesforce Platform Events Snap

In this video, learn how you can enable real-time integrations and support Salesforce Platform Events with SnapLogic.

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Hi, in this demo I will explain how the new Salesforce Publisher and Subscriber Snaps for Platform Events can be used.

The menu on the left-hand side shows two new Snaps, the Salesforce Publisher and Salesforce Subscriber Snaps; these are part of the existing Salesforce Snap Pack.

Platform events in Salesforce enable users to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable event notifications. Platform event fields – defined in Salesforce as custom objects –  allow users to determine what data to send and receive using these new Snaps.

Let’s take a look at the Snaps. Here’s the Salesforce Publisher Snap; and here is the actual publisher – the MySQL database containing campaign events.  Let’s look closer at the Salesforce Publisher Snap. Please note that platform events are only supported in Salesforce versions 44 and higher.

In this use case, I’ve created a platform event in Salesforce named “Campaign,” with the specific fields we’d like to track. The Publisher Snap supports both REST and bulk operations with batch size support, and retry support in case there is a network failure. This pipeline publishes campaign events to the specified campaign that we’ve configured in the platform events field. This data will be stored inside Salesforce.

Let’s take a look at the output. As you can see, I’ve selected only four columns as part of the platform event.

Now let’s take a look at the Salesforce Subscriber Snap.  In this use case, the subscriber is the Redshift data warehouse where the data will be stored and can be analyzed to measure how effective this campaign is. This is achieved using the new Salesforce Subscriber Snap. To configure this Snap, we need to specify the platform event and the replay ID. I’ve set the replay ID to minus 2, which allows us to receive events from the earliest event position in the stream. I’ve also set the message count to five and specified the retry intervals.

Now let’s take a look at the output. Here are the five messages, these are stored in Redshift.

SnapLogic enables customers to do real-time integrations with an event-driven architecture that supports Salesforce platform events by using the Salesforce Publisher and Subscriber Snaps. These Salesforce Snaps empower organizations to quickly take actions based on a specific event that comes into Salesforce.


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