SnapLogic Champions: Four customer stories

Watch how Box, GameStop, Kaplan, and Pure Storage accelerate their businesses with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform.

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Integration Champions: Four Case Studies

Yousuf Khan, chief information officer at Pure Storage, Pure Storage

Hello, My name is Yousuf Khan, I’m the chief information officer at Pure Storage. We believe that the world is being centered around data and data acceleration. I mean, you know, we’ve been using SnapLogic for best part of over a year now and early projects that we looked at was to be able to provide visualization of data into tableau from certain applications. Easiest way to be able to do that is by being able to use SnapLogic to be able to help transfer that data in from those cloud applications into a tableau dashboard. Results of using SnapLogic really center on a couple of things. One is the productivity gains that you typically get when you automate a process. Thinking about the fact that you are giving away, Giving back people weekends is really, really powerful thing. I think you know, let, let me repeat that. You’re giving people back their weekends,

Tapan Parekh, Director, Data Engineering and Architecture at Kaplan, Kaplan

Over the past decade, we have accumulated humongous amount of data across different domains and we need to figure out – how to bring it all together and harmonizing it. SnapLogic has helped us to integrate data seamlessly from legacy systems with minimal effort and time, increased productivity and propelled us to a self service model. Majority of SnapLogic based integrations happen with aws wherein we have created our own data lake in Amazon Redshift. We are building our big data initiative, our big data platform into using Amazon EMR. We are now able to gather real-time student feedback, track every activity that the student undertakes across any of our products and intervene at any point across the students’ learning journey to help improve their schools outcome. Our product development team can now report on real-time usage, identify components that students interact the most, and predict areas that can have maximum impact for our customers.

Senior Manager, Data Strategy and Architecture at Box, Box

Since Box is born digital. We adapt all cloud services organically, but the problem where it comes is that we would implement these cloud services without a much more holistic understanding at the time of implementation. For every single functions, there’s at least half a dozen, if not more different cloud services that we’re leveraging on to operate those different functions, which also means the data’s actually quite distributed and require really strong integration platform to enable us to get all this data flowing very fluidly between all these different classes. With the SnapLogic platform, we no have to make a decision between message-based versus batch based. We will connect any system regardless if they’re a cloud services or their big data environment and now I spend probably less than 50 percent of the time to actually build a process. With the SnapLogic platform, we were able to shrink our development time from weeks to days to be able to deliver value to the business.

Mark Patton, VP of Enterprise Architecture at GameStop, GameStop

Our key metrics are: time to delivery, cost to delivery and quality and we are constantly tracking those. We have been able to see upwards of a reduction of 83 percent of the time it takes to build an integration. 70 percent of the times are our Snaplogic integrations are higher quality than those we’ve built with our previous technologies and we’ve cut the cost by a third. Just last year on eight projects alone using SnapLogic, we estimated a savings of $350,000 that we didn’t have to spend using old technologies.


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