Chocolate & Coffee Tasting: Craft your Perfect Integration Blend

This exclusive executive event is an interactive discussion led by and for executives interested in connecting their entire enterprise to achieve better and faster business outcomes. To achieve this, IT needs to enable stakeholders across departments, from marketing and sales to customer success and product teams, to build their own business workflows while safeguarding data that flows between systems and applications. Only by decentralizing integration can IT scale out integrations and empower business stakeholders to stay productive and push the business forward.

The peer discussion, led by Michael Nixon, VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic covers key aspects of making the enterprise automation vision a reality and explores the right integration blend at this Chocolate + Coffee tasting event. 

 In this event, we covered the following topics:

  • Challenges in traditional integrations; bottlenecks that delay business goals 
  • How to scale out integrations and speed up business results with a modern integration platform
  • How IT can empower business users to build their own integrations while safeguarding data across the organization

The Coffee + Chocolate tasting was led by a fun and informative team from Cocoa + Co, featuring 2 origin coffee samples and 4 craft chocolate bars. 

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