Data Mesh Architecture: From Theory to Implementation

As an IT or business technology leader, you understand that prompt and secure end-to-end data flow and collaboration are crucial for modern businesses, and the Data Mesh approach is a blueprint for harnessing its full potential. Join us as we continue to explore the transformative power of Data Mesh, from foundational theories to practical, real-world implementation strategies. We dive into specific tactics to help your organization achieve self-service access, domain data product ownership, decentralization of data processing, and federated computation governance–the core principles of the modern Data Mesh design pattern.

Discover how breaking free from traditional, monolithic data architectures can empower your organization to scale efficiently and drive innovation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your data strategy—enjoy the recording on-demand!

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The Data Mesh concept
  • How Data Mesh compares
  • Key design principles and tactics
  • A Data Mesh reference architecture
  • How SnapLogic fits into your Data Mesh strategy

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Michael Nixon
VP of Cloud Data Marketing
Mark Gibbs
VP of Product Management

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