Data Mesh Explained: Adopting the Right Principles for Your Enterprise

Organizations are collecting more and more data from every system, process and digital action. As the amount of data available to organizations continues to rise, the need to operationalize this data to drive business decisions becomes imperative. The goal of data mesh is to decentralize data management and analytics, while achieving immediate value, at scale, and maintaining broad governance.

So, what can data mesh do for your business?

Watch Michael Nixon, VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic and Mark Gibbs, VP of Product at SnapLogic as they discuss:

  • What is data mesh
  • The four principles of the data mesh philosophy
  • How data mesh compares to data fabric and other technologies
  • How integration plays a key role in a successful data mesh deployment
  • How to democratize and govern data access across business domains

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Michael Nixon
VP of Product Marketing
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Mark Gibbs
VP of Product

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