Demystifying Data Integration

Enterprises are creating billions of rows, articles, and pieces of data every minute! With so many applications and information sources creating data , organizations can become overwhelmed with ensuring data is managed and delivered to the right team at the right time.

Enterprises must find a better way to access and analyze their data efficiently, to make better data-driven decisions, to help you win in the market.

Listen to Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer; David Wilmer, Principal Product Marketing Manager; together with James Campbell, Regional Manager of Australia & New Zealand as they discuss:

  • Enterprises biggest challenge with data integration
  • Pros and cons of modern data integration methods
  • The organizational benefits of automation and API management
  • How Enterprise Automation helps you be more competitive

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Featured Speakers

Jeremiah Stone
Chief Technology Officer
David Wilmer
Principal Product Marketing Manager
James Campbell
James Campbell
Regional Manager of Australia & New Zealand

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