Digital ecosystems and the power of API management

To build a winning digital platform, organizations need a better API approach.

A digital ecosystem helps organizations introduce products to the market faster, attract new partners/third-parties and increase revenue from additional channels. However, creating and nurturing such an ecosystem requires integrating a variety of applications that can be cloud or on-premises-based with different data needs, and be accessible by users with varying skill sets. To date, creating APIs and managing them is both time consuming and challenging and most organizations are struggling to keep up with their fast-growing needs while maintaining agility.

To build a winning digital platform, organizations need a better approach. SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) users can not only create new APIs with one click, but also use the same platform to run, securely manage and analyze their APIs all in a unified integration platform.

In this webcast we will talk about:

  • The challenges companies face building/expanding their digital ecosystem and the role of APIs
  • How organizations are leveraging APIs to drive new business value
  • The API lifecycle including creating, working with and managing APIs
  • The additional benefits of a self-service platform when it comes to working with APIs
  • How SnapLogic can help users with varying skill set levels work with APIs to transform their business processes, launch new initiatives and partner with others to expand their digital ecosystem.

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Featured Speakers
Diby Malakar

VP of Product Management at SnapLogic

Diby Malakar is responsible for driving product direction and product strategy related to iPaaS, Big Data, and Machine Learning areas. He was most recently a VP of Product Management for Oracle where he was responsible for product management and product strategy for PaaS services in the Big Data and Machine Learning areas and also pioneered Oracle’s entry into the IaaS space. He has nearly 25 years of experience building products and solutions, specializing in helping companies bridge the gap between product, technology, and business. He started his career as an engineer and has since then played various engineering and product management roles for companies like Informatica, Cloud9 Analytics, Neoforma, TiVo and KPMG. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

Sriram Kalyanaramen

Product Manager for API Management at SnapLogic

Sriram is responsible for driving product initiatives in the areas of API Management and Data Integration at SnapLogic and delivering it to customers to help address their integration challenges through a single unified platform. He is a Product Manager at SnapLogic with 5 years of experience in the iPaaS / Integration space. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

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