AI in the Real World: How Generative AI Brings the Benefits of Data Integration to Even More Users

In this webinar, we discussed the real-world use cases, based on the experiences of hundreds of early adopters who have been using SnapGPT already to accelerate data pipeline and workflow creation.

Watch the on-demand recording to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge from the experiences of early adopters as they harness SnapGPT to streamline their integration processes. We also discussed:

  • The Top 5 Use Cases – The most compelling generative AI-driven application and data integration use cases that can redefine work.
  • Navigating the Limitations – Current constraints of generative AI, and understanding how to maximise its capabilities while keeping these limitations in mind.
  • SnapGPT’s Pioneering Progress – Dive into SnapLogic’s groundbreaking advancements in unlocking the full potential of generative AI.

Application and data integration tasks account for an estimated 60% of the cost of running and maintaining an enterprise digital landscape. By democratising access to these capabilities through a powerful conversational interface, SnapGPT can reduce the cost and time to deliver new product offerings to users.

SnapGPT is powered securely by the rapidly evolving ChatGPT and large language models, and is based on many years of development of AI-powered user-assistance features in SnapLogic’s iPaaS.

The webinar is also available in French and German. Navigate to the language selector in the top menu to access another language.

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