How Enterprise Automation Transformed Schneider Electric



Learn How Enterprise Automation Transformed Schneider Electric. 

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Jamie Locks, VP of Integration & Middleware at Schneider Electric, shares
how Enterprise Automation has helped his team to become more empowered
and autonomous.

As part of its digital transformation journey, Schneider Electric launched a
citizen developer DIY (Do It Yourself) model to decentralize its integration
support and to allow employees to build their own integrations and

You will learn how Schneider Electric:
Increased productivity of 200+ employees around the world
Lowered support costs by launching the Citizen Developer DIY model
Reduced the time-to-market by increasing employee autonomy
Successfully decentralized integration development

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Featured Speakers
Jamie Locks

VP Integration & Application Development at Schneider Electric

Michael Nixon

VP, Product Marketing at SnapLogic

Author, Enterprise Automation For Dummies

Karen He

Principal Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic


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