Lean IT: Investing to Power Self-Service

Many IT teams are having to accomplish the impossible: do more with less. Having to support sprawling apps, support legacy data systems, all while transforming systems for self-service for non-IT users often results in large costs, lack of available skills, long delivery times and complex infrastructure builds that are just not in line with today’s lean approaches and timelines. Enter iPaaS, with its low-cost entry points, breadth of user experiences while being flexible to target specific business outcomes. In this webinar, learn from Matt Aslett, Research Vice President with 451 Research, and James Markarian, CTO of SnapLogic, on how companies are doing more with less and how integration platforms have a critical role.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • What has lead to the era of “lean IT” and how to develop a strategy for it
  • The role of self-service and how to enable it without losing control
  • Why an integration platform is an investment to lower costs while providing flexibility

Watch now!

Featured Speakers
Matt Aslett

Research Vice President at 451 Research

Matt Aslett is a Research Vice President with overall responsibility for 451 Research’s coverage of data, analytics and artificial intelligence – including operational and analytic databases, Hadoop, grid/cache, stream processing, data integration, data governance, and data management, as well as data science and analytics, machine learning and AI. Matt’s own primary area of focus currently includes distributed data management, data catalogs, business intelligence and analytics, data science management, and enterprise knowledge graphs.

James Markarian

Chief Technology Officer at SnapLogic

James Markarian is the CTO at SnapLogic, where he is entrusted to ensure the company’s technology strategy serves its business strategy and customer requirements. Markarian is the key technologist within the organization, a visionary focused on the future state of the digital ecosystem and SnapLogic’s leadership role within it. He is the former CTO of Informatica, having guided the company’s technology strategy for more than 15 years. Previously, he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Khosla Ventures and a senior developer and product leader at Oracle.

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