Live Demo: How SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Application Integration

Do you have an integrated view of your customers or customer journey? 

SnapLogic’s Live Demo Series is a monthly webcast showcasing our industry leading Enterprise Integration Cloud. Our upcoming demo will focus on how SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud optimizes the integration of your Salesforce/CRM applications to the rest of your customer processes – quickly and easily. Integrating the proliferation of customer data sources, across on-premises and cloud, connecting all the dots can be complex. Agile integration is key, because customer data is spread across dozens of sources. SnapLogic delivers a unique, hybrid integration platform that optimizes key customer processes, such as quote-to-cash, lead-to-cash, integrating different customer service channels, renewals management and more.

In this demo, you’ll learn:

  • Sales Cloud Integration: Ensure sales has a single customer view by enabling instant sync with back-office systems like ERPs and other databases – automating processes like Quote to Cash, Order to Cash, and more.
  • Marketing Cloud Integration: Generate, collate, and interpret real-time data from all of your marketing channels and turn subjective marketing ideas into scientific techniques that produce quantifiable results.
  • Service Cloud Integration: Ensure customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase the lifetime value of your customers and encourage cross-sales opportunities and referrals with complete visibility across disparate sources and systems.

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