March Snappy Hour – Fast Data Loader: A Live Demo

Your business needs answers to questions such as which customers can we upsell to, which customers are more likely to churn, which customers will benefit from a support call or training to increase their product usage, and more. 

You can only get those answers by building a robust analytics stack powered by a cloud data warehouse. But loading data to cloud data warehouses has been a challenge. With SnapLogic Fast Data Loader, give your business users pre-packaged integrations to load data in 5 easy steps into Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. No coding required!

In this short demo, we will show you how easy it is to load data to your cloud data warehouse: 

  • Starting the data load: Configuring the data source 
  • Selecting the data you want to load
  • Configuring the target Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Executing the data load 

You will also get a chance to ask questions directly to our product experts to understand how to best leverage our data loader to load up to 1 million rows of data per month for FREE!

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