Next Generation of Automation and Integration with a Leading SaaS-based ISV on a Rapid M&A and App/API Unification Journey

The digital era has seen a surge in the complexity of finance business processes as teams navigate the ever-expanding ecosystem of SaaS applications. The persistence of legacy technology and manual procedures has given rise to time-consuming, error-prone operations, resulting in diminished productivity. With only a limited number of real-time integrations, businesses face the risk of making decisions based on outdated data. Moreover, the dispersal of integrations across numerous end-applications presents maintenance challenges.

Whether you’re a finance executive, process owner, or an IT leader, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge to overcome these obstacles. We guide you through the current landscape of automating finance operations and how it delivers value to your business.

In the backdrop of a rapidly evolving M&A environment, companies are required to integrate and unify multiple apps and APIs quickly. Our customer and partner, Ocean Technology Group, share their success stories and strategies in accelerating finance operations and integration needs. They highlight their journey through M&A scenarios and how they managed to unify disparate apps and APIs to foster greater efficiency and improved decision making.

We also give you a sneak peek into SnapGPT, our Generative AI tool, designed to make the process of building automation simpler. This includes the automation of unifying apps and APIs in the context of M&A, demonstrating how sophisticated AI can simplify complex processes.

In this engaging webinar, we discuss:

  • Navigating the challenges of automating finance processes in the modern M&A landscape
  • Kickstarting finance automation to improve business outcomes, despite complex app and API unification needs
  • How SnapLogic’s Generative AI can aid in making integrations and unification of apps and APIs simpler

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Featured Speakers

Roger Coles
Head of Strategic OEM
Ian Hepworth headshot
Ian Hepworth
Ocean Technologies Group
Owen Fleming headshot
Owen Fleming
Integrations Architect
Michael Nixon headshot
Michael Nixon
VP of Cloud Data Marketing
Igor Lima
Igor Lima
Customer Success Manager

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