Step into the Future: How the Science Museum Group Unearthed Modernization Through SnapLogic

Welcome to the intersection of technology and culture! Dive into the captivating on-demand session featuring Tom Saunders from the Science Museum Group, discussing their remarkable modernization journey with SnapLogic.

🚀 Unveiling the Science Museum Group’s Transformation

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how the Science Museum Group embarked on a groundbreaking modernization initiative. Tom Saunders shares the challenges, triumphs, and the role SnapLogic played in this evolution.

🌍 Connecting Collections, Empowering Innovation

Discover how the Science Museum Group leveraged SnapLogic to streamline the colossal task of relocating 320,000 diverse artifacts, from moon rocks to historic locomotives. Get insights into the meticulous integration processes that ensured a smooth transition from legacy systems to the cloud, marking a pivotal moment in the museum’s IT history.

💡 From Moon Rocks to Digital Frontiers: SnapLogic in Action

See how SnapLogic became the backbone of their operations, automating and optimizing critical processes. Learn how SnapLogic facilitated the digitization of 7.3 million items, revolutionizing the way the museum engages with its audience through online collections. From image recognition tools to seamless e-commerce integrations, witness SnapLogic’s versatility in action.

All this, orchestrated using SnapLogic by a mere two developers. Gain insights into how this lean team managed to build 80 pipelines, adapt to evolving requirements, and laid the foundation for future innovations across the Science Museum Group.

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Tom Saunders
Lead IT Software Developer
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