SnapLabs Corner: SnapLogic CTO & Chief Scientist Share Additional Progress on SnapGPT

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Are you eager to get a sneak peek of the latest products and features from SnapLabs? Catch up on our May Product Update webinar to see our upcoming products and features.

During this exclusive webinar, our product team shares the progress on products available for preview in our SnapLabs environment.

Here’s what you can expect from the webinar:

  • SnapGPT Overview & Demos
  • Technical Progress & Learning
    • Tuning
    • Generative Contexts: Pipeline Creation, Pipeline Documentation, SQL Generation, Documentation Access
  • Learning – State of Working With LLMs

Enjoy the latest updates available on-demand!

Featured Speakers
Jeremiah Stone

CTO at SnapLogic

Greg Benson

Chief Scientist at SnapLogic

Manish Rai

VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic

Jump Thanawut

Principal Scientist, AI/ML at SnapLogic

Rich Dill

Enterprise Solutions Architect at SnapLogic

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