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In today’s age, colleges, and universities are having to quickly integrate data and apps to ensure students’ health, safety, remote learning, and a modern learning experience. What are the challenges and how are higher education IT departments overcoming them? 

Watch now for this virtual event to learn how you can speed up integrations and facilitate a smoother, easier student and faculty experience. You’ll learn how: 

  • Davidson College launched its COVID-19 test surveillance tracking in less than 10 days
  • Skidmore College easily automated its identity management across all HR systems
  • Leading institutions are modernizing the learning experience with Snaplogic

Enjoy on-demand!

Our Speakers:

  • JD Mills, Manager, Digital Transformation, Davidson College Technology & Innovation
  • Tony Kowalick, Asst Director, Enterprise Systems – Web Development, Skidmore College
  • Paul Coleman, Database Administrator, Skidmore College

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Featured Speakers

JD Mills
Manager, Digital Transformation,
Davidson College
Paul Coleman
Database Administrator
Skidmore College
Tony Kowalick
Asst Director, Enterprise Systems
Skidmore College

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