Sparking Transformation Across the Enterprise at Voya

Discover Voya Financial’s exciting technology transformation journey — spanning platform consolidation, cloud migration, and data integration. Learn how they’ve harnessed the power of SnapLogic to simplify complex data transformations and unlock new opportunities for customer engagement, personalization, and data-driven decision-making.

Join us in exploring their innovative path to becoming a data-driven organization as they discuss:

  • Platform consolidation and cloud migration: Voya Financial’s journey includes consolidating platforms, updating currencies, and embracing cloud technologies, empowering them to stay agile and innovative in the digital space.
  • Simplifying complex data transformation: Explore how SnapLogic played a pivotal role in simplifying complex data transformations.
  • Unlocking customer engagement & personalization: How Voya Financial leveraged SnapLogic’s capabilities to enhance customer engagement, personalization, and the delivery of meaningful insights.

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Featured Speakers

Paru Puttanna headshot
Paru Puttanna
SVP Enterprise Data Management
Voya Financial
Prathibha Prabakaran headshot
Prathibha Prabakaran
VP of Data and Analytics
Voya Financial

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