The Future of IT: 2023 Predictions & Trends

Economic uncertainty has made 2023 planning a daunting task. As employers struggle with post-pandemic staffing challenges, organizations need to find ways to do more with less. Maximizing the value of your organizations’ data by putting that data to work to improve top line and bottom line can put your business at the forefront.

Are you ready to maximize reach, minimize barriers and make fast, data-driven decisions?

Watch our CTO, Jeremiah Stone and CTO of Credera, Jason Goth, as they give their 4 bold 2023 predictions around:

  • Maximizing value from existing tech stack investments
  • Using AI to reveal insights within your data
  • Unlock hyperautomation and business process flow across applications
  • Continuous renovation in your tech stack
Featured Speakers
Jeremiah Stone

CTO at SnapLogic

Jason Goth

Partner & CTO at Credera

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