The Price Organizations Pay When They Don’t Trust Their Data

Every business is striving to become data driven. Yet, most are crippled by massive amounts of siloed data across unintegrated systems. How does distrust in one’s data limit the business?

Research firm Vanson Bourne recently surveyed 500 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) at medium and large enterprises across the US and UK and found that:

  • 77% of ITDMs don’t completely trust the data in their organization
  • 72% see a negative impact on customer engagement due to missing or incomplete data
  • 84% say analytics projects are delayed due to data availability and format
  • IT employees spend 4 hours a week reconciling data from different systems

Watch this panel to explore how you can overcome obstacles in your data warehousing and analytics initiatives. Our panel of experts will share the challenges they see and potential solutions as they discuss:

  • Sources of data distrust in organizations
  • Impact of data distrust on business performance
  • Tools for rebuilding trust in your data with more efficient data warehousing and analytics approaches

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Featured Speakers

Brian Murphy
VP of Data Analytics
Charlie Wood
Senior Research Manager
Vanson Bourne
Michael Nixon headshot
Michael Nixon
VP of Product Marketing

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