The Rainforest Alliance’s Journey to Automating Critical Business Processes

In today’s modern workplace, advances in technology have drastically improved productivity and allowed businesses to scale and innovate much faster. With this advancement in technology comes numerous challenges, not least of which is ensuring that your data and your applications can communicate with each other. As businesses build their presence online and leverage SaaS and cloud technologies to improve their IT capabilities, it is becoming increasingly important to connect your distributed data sources to allow you to perform analytics on your business data and make better decisions, faster.

Gartner’s top strategic trends for 2022 list Data Fabric and Hyperautomation as 2 key areas where businesses can gain a competitive advantage. If you’re wondering why, our next live webinar is for you.

In this webinar, you will hear from The Rainforest Alliance, Rojo, and SnapLogic on how the Rainforest Alliance has been able to automate some of its key back-end business processes, reducing complexity and increasing data connectivity. You will discover how easy it is to access, integrate and automate your data, no matter where it sits within the business.

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Featured Speakers

Christien Bergman Headshot
Christien Bergman
Information Technology Director
The Rainforest Alliance
John Bilay Headshot
John Bilay
Chief Technology Officer
Jee Hng Headshot
Jee Hng
Solutions Engineer
Adam Nash Headshot
Adam Nash
Northern Europe Channel Director

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