Traditional data warehousing is dead

How digital enterprises are scaling their data to infinity and beyond in the cloud

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how enterprises need to do business to stay relevant. Optimizing customer relationships and making the business much more data-focused are not only the top two goals driving investments in data-driven initiatives today, they can typically result in a 5-10% revenue boost. However traditional data warehousing has been turned on its head and is failing to keep up with the digital economy due to:

  • The titanic demand for sophisticated analysis of massive amounts of data, and data types, from multiple sources to drive cutting-edge business insights.
  • Advanced data analysis, once the purview of IT wizards and data scientists, is now in the hands of everyday business users, or “citizen data scientists”.

Forward-thinking enterprises are moving their data to the Cloud to address these seismic shifts. The Cloud offers distinct advantages around supporting business agility, data scalability, elasticity, infrastructure management, speed of processing, cost containment and more. But getting there isn’t simple or easy.

Watch Dave Wells, Data Management Practice Lead, Eckerson Group and Ravi Dharnikota, Chief Enterprise Architect, SnapLogic, for a thought-provoking webcast, highlighting tangible business benefits being enjoyed by innovative enterprises who have moved their data to the Cloud. Key takeaways include:

  • How to meet the challenges of migrating your data warehouse to the Cloud
  • Practical best practices, key technologies to consider, and case studies to get you started
  • The potential pitfalls of “cloud-washed” legacy data integration solutions
  • Cloud Data Warehousing market trends
  • How SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration delivers up to 10X improvement in the speed and ease of data integration

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Featured Speakers

Dave Wells
Data Management Practice Lead
Eckerson Group
Ravi Dharnikota
Chief Enterprise Architect
SnapLogic, Inc.

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