API 101: Modern technology for creating business value

Companies need to modernize their API strategies to thrive in the digital economy; they need full lifecycle API management. A unified integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is the gateway to achieving this. A robust iPaaS that connects data and applications from both on-premises and cloud sources can enable organizations to better harness their API networks. What’s more, it can lead companies through all three stages of API management to achieve full maturity:

1) API creation – Set up API exchanges to support individual use cases.

2) API management – Achieve interconnectivity between lines of business, such as sales and marketing teams using APIs.

3) Full lifecycle API management – Enable a digital ecosystem via connections to external partners and create new revenue streams by monetizing data and APIs.

To learn more about how to build a foundation for high-performance API creation, management, and full lifecycle management, download the SnapLogic white paper “API 101: Modern technology for creating business value.”


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