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How To Choose the Right API Gateway for Your Organization

As the macro environment has shifted and companies try to do more with less, CIOs are scrutinizing and consolidating their software investments. It’s all about reducing costs and increasing productivity. Companies are looking at a composable architecture or composable enterprise methodology that allows for faster time to market and a federated self-service model to increase productivity.

The composable enterprise methodology is heavily dependent on immediate access to data and applications. API gateway architecture has ascended to a position of paramount importance, commanding the attention of architects, developers, and users alike when it comes to security concerns. API gateway patterns were typically an afterthought and not seen as crucial to operations.

However, that thinking has dramatically changed in recent years, highlighted by the rise of cyber-attacks specifically targeting weak or unsecured API gateway patterns.

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • The definition and role of API gateway architectures
  • Common types of API gateway architectures
  • Features, benefits, and use cases for each approach

Get your copy today for all the factors to consider when selecting the right API gateway architecture for your organization’s digital transformation.

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