White Paper

Security and Privacy Overview

Cloud Application Security, Data Security and Privacy, and Password Management 

Digital security is a growing concern and should not be taken lightly across any organization. With increasing cloud applications and services, organizations must establish a series of security processes to mitigate security issues.

How can organizations keep their data safe? At SnapLogic, we understand that privacy and security are of paramount importance to our customers and are delivering top-tier data privacy and security across all fronts.

Download this white paper, “Security and Privacy Overview,” to learn how SnapLogic addresses security in multiple areas. You’ll learn about:

  • SnapLogic’s cloud application security and how the SnapLogic platform allows users to control access rights, e.g., SnapLogic does not collect personal information on behalf of its customers and does not monitor any data.
  • SnapLogic’s encryption and data management process to help protect sensitive customer data through a combination of access controls and encryptions.
  • How the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud server supports an authentication and privilege model that allows administrators to grant, limit, or restrict access to components and pipelines.
  • SnapLogic’s regular internal and third-party risk assessment and penetration tests and the numerous technical and administrative measures that ensure customer data remains protected and secured.

Download the white paper today to keep your data safe and secure.

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