Accelerating the Business with Low Code Integrations

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What does handwriting and writing code have in common? They both take a long time to write and are prone to errors. Handwriting may result in misspellings and grammatical errors, while code can break when they are not written properly or maintained with care.

 IT leaders routinely tell us that integrators spend most of their time developing integrations by writing code, while the rest is to maintain those very same integrations. What’s more, these leaders are taking on more responsibilities to drive the business with the same amount of resources. As a result, these leaders are stretched and need their teams to work more efficiently.

 We heard from many customers at our recent Automation Summit on how they are accelerating their business and making lean IT possible with low/no-code integrations.

 We had the pleasure to host Quadpay and Texas Woman’s University at the Automation Summit.

 Yuda Borochov, Quadpay’s EVP of Data, is a SnapLogic veteran who, together with his team, has successfully implemented SnapLogic at a number of fintech companies. Through the years, he has built over 2,000 integrations. When he joined Quadpay, Yuda was tasked to build a data platform from scratch by himself and one other developer. As soon as SnapLogic was deployed, they quickly went to work. Instead of spending endless hours developing code, they simply and quickly built integration pipelines and workflows with very little code, enabling them to build their enterprise data platform within two months.

 Watch Quadpay’s session from the Automation Summit here.  

We also had the pleasure to hear from Juergen Stegmair, Associate Director from Texas Woman’s University, talk about their API-led strategy using SnapLogic’s API Management solution. Juergen stated that having an API-led strategy helps maximize API usage, minimizes the number of time integrators spend building APIs for integrations, and makes integration development more efficient across the university.

Watch Texas Woman’s University session from the Automation Summit here. 

Low/no-code integrations help customers like Quadpay and Texas Woman’s University leave hand-coded integrations behind so they can achieve more for their companies. To hear directly from our customers about the future of the modern enterprise, top integration trends and best practices, and how to succeed in the automation era, visit the Automation Summit website. And while there, be sure to sign up to receive information about next year’s Summit!

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