Talking about AI, Machine Learning, and APIs at API World in September

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While artificial intelligence, machine learning, and APIs are often talked about, many companies are just beginning to work with them. That’s not the case with SnapLogic as we’ve been working with the technologies for years and have productized them with our Iris AI platform beginning which was released about a year and half ago.

It’s been an interesting journey for us and our solutions have helped our customers develop rich self-service integration models. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone attending API World in San Jose, California on Monday, September 10 from 4pm – 5pm PT. In fact, here’s the synopsis of what I’ll be talking about:

Developers must often build new applications that pull together multiple back-end services delivered via APIs. A new mobile app, for example, may need to connect to backend ERP or CRM systems using a variety of third-party APIs, which are then integrated and delivered as a new API that provides the mobile app interface. By applying machine learning to this process, developers can greatly increase the speed and reduce the complexity of API integration and management, empowering non-developers with the benefits of API integration. For example, with a machine learning model trained by integration pipeline metadata, analysts across the organization in different lines of businesses with varied skill sets can be presented with recommendations on API integration workflows, to automatically start selecting and assembling APIs to build new applications. This self-service model for API integration greatly increases the speed of new application development while following recommended best practices and reducing security and compliance risks. In this session, Ravi Dharnikota will outline the challenges of API integration in a modern cloud context and explain how developers can leverage machine learning to speed application development, reduce errors and improve security and compliance.

If you’re attending the show and you’re interested in learning more about this, I look forward to seeing you there. And if you haven’t signed up to attend API World, you can register here.

Former Global Head of Customer Success and Enterprise Architecture at SnapLogic

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