All About The Data Lake

DataLake_Webinar_SnapLogicAs part of our ongoing webinar series, we were recently joined by industry analyst Mark Madsen, president and founder of Third Nature. Mark writes and speaks all over the world on data strategy, analytics and BI. The topic: enterprise data lakes. Specifically, things to consider before jumping head first into the lake. Mark described how simply installing Hadoop does not a data lake make. He further suggested an architectural model that provided a framework for data acquisition, management and access in a data lake. The recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Mark has written a companion whitepaper also titled “Building an Enterprise Data Lake: Important Considerations” which discusses the components of a data lake architecture and the types of activities an enterprise data lake should support. My favorite quote:

“Installing Hadoop doesn’t give you a data lake any more than installing a database gives you a data warehouse.”

The paper is available for download from the SnapLogic website. Here are the slides from the webinar:

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Topics: Data Warehouse

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