Aragon Research Names SnapLogic the Most Innovative and Strategic Transformation Platform as a Service Provider

Dayle Hall
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Leading industry analyst firm Aragon Research recently released the inaugural version of its Globe for Transformation Platform as a Service (tPaaS) report, which named SnapLogic as a Leader in this new industry category.

What’s tPaaS, you may ask?

Before our very eyes, the world is rapidly changing and IT and business teams must keep pace in order to meet their aggressive transformation objectives, many of which have accelerated over the last couple of years.

As a result, last summer we had the opportunity to speak with Aragon founder and CEO Jim Lundy about the speed of change organizations are facing. For example, we had already seen the convergence of application integration and data integration extend to API management. Now, over the last two years we’ve seen a rise in the importance for enterprise automation, at scale. Seeing these trends develop, we asked Aragon what else they were seeing in this space. Lundy explained that the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) market continues to shift to become one where the ability to meet both the business and technology needs of customers automating business process flows and accelerating digital transformations was most important.

Well, fast-forward almost a year, and Aragon has completed its first analysis of the industry and the top vendors within it. In the report, Aragon says that the tPaaS industry “…consists of the set of providers of cloud services that specifically enable customers to reimagine and transform their business by providing business modeling and process modeling capabilities, critical digital business services (business architecture and design services, embedded AI, advanced analytics, automation), and integration to new and emerging technologies (IoT, robotics, connectors, etc.).”

In its analysis of SnapLogic, Aragon recognized us as a Leader and called us out for being the most innovative and strategic Leader in the report. Our commitment to business automation and specifically our self-service, low-code tools that make it easy for both non-technical business and experienced IT users alike were highlighted as key factors for our leadership position.

At SnapLogic, we’ve long been committed to ensuring our customers have the most innovative and advanced yet easy-to-use integration and automation solutions available today. What sets us apart is the AI capability built directly into our platform Iris AI which suggests all the integration and automation next steps you need to get moving fast. Think of it as having your own automation and integration ‘chef’, where you don’t need a ‘recipe’ to do it yourself, the chef cooks the dinner for you. And that’s just one piece; whether it’s our innovative SnapLogic Flows solution to streamline end-to-end business processes, or the way we accelerate data movement into cloud data warehouses for better and faster analytics with Fast Data Loader, our dedication to our customers’ success couldn’t be stronger.

Our strategic roadmap and the role innovation plays in it is what makes us the best choice to help enterprises of all sizes transform their businesses and gain that elusive competitive advantage.

To download a complimentary copy of the Aragon Research 2022 Globe for Transformation Platform as a Service, click here.

Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
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