Attention Enterprise Architects: Sage Advice from Jason Bloomberg

bloomberg_rest_seminarIf you’re interested in enterprise IT architecture, chances are you’ve heard of Jason Bloomberg. The president of Intellyx, which is “the first and only industry analysis, advisory, and training firm focused on agile digital transformation,” Jason is a globally recognized expert on agile digital transformation who writes and speaks on how today’s disruptive enterprise technology trends support the digital professional’s business transformation goals. He is a prolific writer who is a regular contributor to Forbes, has a biweekly newsletter called the Cortex, and several contributed blogs. His latest book is The Agile Architecture Revolution (Wiley, 2013).

Recently Jason has published a series of articles that are directed towards today’s enterprise architect (EA), focusing on what’s new and what’s different in the era of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACT). Here are the four posts he’s written so far:

Supporting the ‘Citizen Integrator’ with Enterprise Architecture

“Developing strategies for accelerating and automating governance that maintains consistency across the organization is essential to the success of any self-service effort, including self-service integration. Who better than the enterprise architects to develop such strategies?”

Data Lake Considerations for the Enterprise Architect

“The EA’s role has always been to maintain an end-to-end perspective on the organization, and how it leverages technology to meet business needs. With the rise of digital transformation, this end-to-end perspective is especially critical, and EAs should apply that perspective to their organization’s data lake initiatives.”

Avoiding Enterprise Web Scale Pitfalls

“In the final analysis, enterprise web scale requires more than simply adding new technology. It requires both modern integration approaches as well as an end-to-end organizational context that enterprise architects are well-suited to lead.”

How EAs Should Support the Chief Digital Officer

 ”If you find that in spite of your EA title, nothing on your list of duties bears much resemblance to architecting an enterprise in transformation – then don’t wait for permission. Take the initiative to gain the digital skills you require to make a difference in your organization, and find a way to provide value to the CDO. You will be more valuable to your organization, your skills will be more current, and you’ll have more fun as well. What do you have to lose?”

Some solid advice for today’s forward-thinking enterprise architect. Jason is working on his final post in this series. What topic would you like to see him cover?

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