Video Series: Checking in with Brex

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Much has been written recently – by the media, industry analysts, tech vendors, and more – about the potential impact of the global pandemic on enterprise technology and data initiatives.  While often useful and informative, we wanted to go straight to the source – to our customers – to hear directly from them, in their own words, about how they’re managing through the crisis.

In our new video series that kicks off today, we’re checking in with our customers to learn how they’re adapting in these unprecedented times, how the pandemic has impacted their technology and data initiatives, and what lessons they’ve learned over the past month that may benefit us all.

First up, SnapLogic’s Praneal Narayan spoke with Li Yau of Brex, the next-gen B2B financial services company. Brex is rebuilding B2B financial products, starting with its popular corporate card for tech companies, helping to completely automate expense management, kill receipt tracking, and integrate with accounting systems.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How Li and his colleagues have navigated new communication and collaboration challenges amid the transition to a distributed, fully-WFH environment
  • Why the crisis has been a catalyst for increased urgency around projects driving automation, process standardization, and reporting and analysis
  • How working across Brex’s newly-distributed environment revealed new opportunities around how to automate and accelerate the onboarding process for remote employees
  • How Brex’s cloud-first technology infrastructure investments are paying off in these times, ensuring system reliability and performance while allowing teams to stay focused on delivering business value instead of worrying about technology issues


Former Head of Corporate Communications at SnapLogic

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