Customer Spotlight: AstraZeneca

It’s always a treat to be able to share our customers’ inspiring success stories. MWD Advisors, a UK-based industry research and advisory services firm, recently spent time with our customer, global pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca. MWD published the results of that interview to their research subscribers in a report titled “AstraZeneca supports strategic cloud shift with ‘citizen integrator’ platform” (reprint provided here).

AstraZeneca early iPaaS success
AstraZeneca’s early iPaaS success

AstraZeneca started their journey with SnapLogic as part of an IT initiative to make their business process infrastructure more agile, and to incorporate cloud-based platforms and applications. They wanted to efficiently integrate SaaS systems and on-premises platforms without investing in a large, specialized integration team.

They searched for an integration platform that:

  • Could be used by both specialists and non-specialists (‘citizen integrators’)
  • Required no on-premises installation
  • Had a broad set of pre-built connectors

They selected SnapLogic as the iPaaS that could accommodate all of these needs. The initial integrations – within the Sales and Marketing functions – were in production within four months.

After this initial success, AstraZeneca shifted management of SnapLogic to a small, two-person centralized services team. This centralized team has trained dozens of ‘citizen integrators’ across multiple countries and business units to create their own integrations, including ServiceNow, Adobe Campaign Manager, Oracle-to-Salesforce synchronization, BI and analytics uses, and many more. Said one of these trainers, Solution Architect Don Shelly, about their train-the-trainer approach, “spend an hour with us, and we’ll show you the value of SnapLogic.”

Some of the results AstraZeneca has seen so far:

  • Integrated Adobe Campaign Manager with 150 data sources in the first four months
  • 100 integrations in production in the first six months; now more than 300 in use
  • More than 100 “citizen integrator” users around the world

Read more about AstraZeneca’s iPaaS strategy and successes to date, plus their recommendations for companies just embarking on their integration journey in this new case study:


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