Webinar: The Death of Traditional Data and Application Integration

LinkedIn_Posts_180x110“What you think you know and understand about integration is about to be tossed out the window.” 

– David Linthicum, SVP, Cloud Technology Partners, Analyst, GigaOM Research

Join industry analyst, middleware expert and author, David Linthicum, for an interactive webinar with SnapLogic co-founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon to talk about the death of traditional data and application integration in the enterprise, and how the changing nature of IT mandates new approaches and technologies in 2015.

According to David: “Existing approaches to data integration won’t meet future needs as the use of technology continues to change. Drastic measures must be taken now to prepare enterprises for the arrival of this technology, and to position enterprises to take full advantage.”

In this webinar, which will take place live on Wednesday, January 28th at 10am PST / 1pm EST, you’ll hear how data integration is getting a reboot and how new players and strategies have emerged. Two seasoned industry experts and thought leaders, David and Gaurav will cover the following topics:

  • How new approaches to managing data, as well as the rapid growth of data, make traditional data integration technology unusable.
  • How cloud computing is turning enterprise IT into complex and distributed systems that span existing data centers into public clouds.
  • How the rapid adoption of big data and IoT is quickly leading to a crisis of unstructured data overload and rising complexity.
  • How the rise of services and now, microservices, is changing the game in terms of how we leverage and manage data.
  • Why approaches such as late binding are changing the rules in terms of how we deal with source and target data.
  • How to reinvent your enterprise to deal with these trends, leveraging data integration as a strategic technology.

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