Accelerating enterprise resource planning time with Planview

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Planview and SnapLogic have partnered together since 2016 for a really good reason – to make obtaining insights from Planview’s suite of products even faster. Planview, a software company, based out of Austin, Texas provides resources, financial, and portfolio management solutions. Being a SnapLogic customer as well as an OEM partner means that Planview customers can connect their data and applications back to Planview’s wide portfolio of products, all while leveraging SnapLogic’s easy-but-powerful integration capabilities.  

For example, if Planview customers are deploying the Planview Enterprise solution, they need access to data from a wide variety of sources that could include multiple applications and databases across teams, departments, and organizations. Previously, this would be one of the most time-consuming portions of the deployment. However, with SnapLogic “built inside” Planview’s portfolio of products, concerns around data formats (structured, unstructured, semi-structured), location (applications, databases, things, APIs) and deployment models (cloud, hybrid, on-premises) are a thing of the past. Planview customers can now better focus on getting the most out of their resources and achieving their business goals.

Additionally, Planview customers can have real-time views of how their human capital and financial resources are performing and how projects are progressing thanks to the databases and applications in their organization, connected behind the scenes. This level of seamless integration empowers them to plot out corporate strategy, make the right resource tradeoffs to optimize portfolios, and build financial and departmental plans.

Embedding SnapLogic into Planview makes sense because SnapLogic is not only the global leader in code-less, self-service integration but thanks to more than 400 pre-built, intelligent connectors for many common applications and databases, business users can obtain insights faster and easier. Business users find SnapLogic easy-to-use with its intuitive user interface and Iris Artificial Intelligence-powered Integration Assistant which dramatically reduces the time to connect multiple applications and data sources together.

SnapLogic is pleased to be a Gold Conference Sponsor and hosting the reception at Planview Horizons in San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to meeting Planview customers to discuss how our partnership helps companies realize faster value from the Planview suite of Work and Resource Management solutions. See you at the conference!

Former VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic

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