Expand the Capacity of Your IT Department with Citizen Integrators

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The need for integration is increasing parallel to the number of applications and systems enterprises adopt in their IT landscape. IT departments who already have their plates full are facing increased demand, especially around the integration of hundreds of new enterprise applications, data sources, APIs, and more, both in the cloud and on-premises.

As Gartner notes, citizen integrators can help organizations democratize IT, take the load off busy IT teams, scale technology capability across the enterprise, and speed up business outcomes. SnapLogic’s self-service, easy to use integration platform allows non-technical departments such as marketing, HR, finance, and business development to quickly and easily integrate systems and automate processes without having to rely on IT.

At Rojo, our goal is to accelerate the digitisation of businesses. Throughout our partnership with SnapLogic, we’ve strived to enrich their Intelligent Integration Platform by developing Snap Packs that allow easier integration of applications and data. These Snap Packs speed up integration pipeline design and deployment and bring you one step closer to becoming an automated enterprise. With the low-code, drag-and-drop nature of the SnapLogic platform, you can build your integrations faster and connect apps, data, and processes quickly and efficiently.  

Get in touch with us to learn how we work with SnapLogic and help you build out your citizen integration capabilities to achieve your enterprise automation goals.

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Rojo Consultancy is a system integration and data analytics services firm with offices in the Netherlands and Spain. The company specializes in cloud and on-premises integration, business process orchestration, as well as building exceptional integration cloud connectors and offering managed services, tailored to customer needs. Rojo’s portfolio includes integration and API management services for SnapLogic, SAP, and more. Learn more at rojoconsultancy.com.

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