Fast Data Loader: SnapLogic’s Quick and Easy Way to Get Started in the Cloud Data Warehouse

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Editor’s Note: As of September 8, 2022, Fast Data Loader has become SnapLogic AutoSync.

It is no secret that modern organizations are leveraging the benefits of the cloud to solve their most challenging business objectives.  From its nearly infinite scalability and storage capacity to its almost immediate time to value and significant cost savings, a cloud-first data strategy should be every business owner’s #1 priority.

Get the Most Out of Your CDW

In a technology-driven economy, the cloud data warehouse is at the peak of popularity and at the heart of every cloud-first data strategy. But to provide value, cloud data warehouses need a consistent stream of data. The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader delivers that value by providing the conduit to quickly and efficiently ingest data from popular cloud applications and databases to modern, cloud-based data warehouses for analytics and insights. Best of all, Fast Data Loader is a managed service of pre-built pipelines and requires no development, coding or testing. Simply choose your source and target, provide the necessary credentials and load your data.  Fast Data Loader is powerful enough for seasoned data engineers, yet simple enough for business analysts to gain access to the data they need to do their everyday jobs.

Experiencing the Difference

SnapLogic Fast Data Loader is super easy to get started.  With a 30-day, no obligation free trial and up-front pricing, you can get started loading data in no time!  You can sign up for the Fast Data Loader through the SnapLogic website for pay-as-you-go monthly pricing, or for a more streamlined billing experience, Fast Data Loader is also available via the Amazon AWS Marketplace as an annual subscription.  In either case, you will have uninterrupted service, unlimited pipelines and unlimited data movement. And best of all, Fast Data Loader has a proven track record.  Fast Data Loader is built on SnapLogic’s proven architecture that was born in the cloud before the cloud was cool, and provides full scalability, accessibility, and affordability.

Steps for Easy Data Ingestion

Fast Data Loader provides connectivity to popular sources like Salesforce, Oracle, SQL Server, Google Sheets, and S3 among others, while Snowflake and Redshift head the list of available target cloud data warehouses, giving you the flexibility to choose the options that align with your cloud-first strategy. Once you access SnapLogic Fast Data Loader, connecting your data is as easy as 1-2-3.

FDL Connect Your Source

Step 1: Choose a source.

Choose among the list of available data sources.  If this is your first Fast Data Loader integration for the chosen source, you will need to enter the necessary credentials to access your data.  Simply provide the required data elements and test the connection.  For an existing connection through Fast Data Loader, simply select from the available options already configured from the dropdown.

Step 2: Choose a destination.

Just like choosing a source, connect to your desired destination by selecting from the available tiles.  Again, for first time connections to a cloud data warehouse, enter the necessary credentials and test the connection, or choose an existing connection from the dropdown.

Step 3: Configure the pipeline.

Once the source and destination have been chosen, SnapLogic Fast Data Loader dynamically displays available Load Method options based on the chosen source.  Choose between full reloads or Slowly Changing Dimensions-Type 2, and identify the specific tables, files or data buckets that will be loaded. Finally, give your pipeline a name and begin the load.  The progress indicator on the right of the “Create a new integration” screen will indicate if you have completed all the required steps successfully.

Taking Control of Your Data Loads

SnapLogic Fast Data Loader provides an intuitive dashboard to manage all your data ingestion pipelines, delivering a smooth user experience.  From the dashboard, you can activate and deactivate individual pipelines with a simple toggle switch, schedule data loading intervals as frequently as every 30 minutes and have at-a-glance insight into execution details, such as last execution date and time, previous execution status and total records processed.  With SnapLogic Fast Data Loader, you are in control of when data is loaded, which loads are active and ultimately how much data is processed.

Taking Control of Your Data Loads

Fast Data Loader is Your Highway to the Cloud Data Warehouse

With SnapLogic’s Fast Data Loader, it has never been easier to connect data and applications to popular cloud data warehouses. The Fast Data Loader is quick to get started.  Simply choose your source, destination and load method.  There are no complex configurations, no coding and no limits on pipelines or data movement.  Fast Data Loader is simple to use. Our intuitive dashboard puts you in control of your data ingestion with fine-grained controls of pipelines and execution schedules.  Try Fast Data Loader today to experience all the benefits of the cloud and drive your business on the highway to success.

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