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Dayle Hall
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If you’re in the Enterprise, we at SnapLogic want you to say “Hello Everything” from now on!

Allow me to explain.

If the largest, most powerful technology companies are any indication, then you can be certain that we are all in with AI. OK, I know that’s not much of a proclamation, because well, everyone is saying it. But hear me out.

Recent reports have noted that Microsoft, Meta, Google (Alphabet) and others are investing heavily in artificial intelligence infrastructure in 2024. Additionally, McKinsey reports that, “across 63 use cases, generative AI has the potential to generate $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in value across industries.”

“Across 63 use cases, generative AI has the potential to generate $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in value across industries.”


In fact, AI is a promise that can only be realized when data is connected across the business, and made accessible to everyone. However, many organizations operate in silos, held back by outmoded, complex infrastructure that fails to meet the requirements of a transformed world. In other words, enterprise technology leaders are in a jam. 

They’re scrambling to adopt AI and prove its value by embracing a proliferation of tools that solve for vertical use cases, but they’re also uncovering new data challenges with complexity, risk and scale. 

By 2025, 90% of enterprise deployments of genAI will slow as costs exceed value, according to Gartner — and 30% of those projects will be abandoned after proof of concept (POC) due to poor data quality, inadequate risk controls, escalating costs, or unclear business value.

Moving into the future, integrating data and systems is the only way businesses can harness AI to move at the pace AI demands, not just in limited domains but across the organization. SnapLogic is on a mission to connect the dots — to use that connectivity to introduce businesses to greater potential.

Introducing: Hello Everything

Built for a new era of intelligence, SnapLogic is the first generative integration platform that unlocks the value of data across the modern enterprise — continuously, and at unprecedented speed and scale. Generative integration takes the time and friction out of preparing, connecting and accessing data and allows companies instead to focus on the precision with which they can apply new technologies.

In short, we’ll help you build a “Large Everything Model” designed to connect every facet of business and ready to make the most of an AI-driven world. Transform connectivity into competitive advantage, creating an engine for ongoing results.

Get ready to say hello to a future where working in silos is replaced by working in unison. Say hello to connected workflows, collaboration, agility, and end-to-end integration. Say hello to every data set, every person, every system. Say hello to potential and opportunity at scale. It’s time to say hello to everything. 

Who’s generative integration for?

Generative integration drives continuous results that support resiliency in the face of volatility. Any company that utilizes technology to conduct business can benefit from it. Spanning from the largest and most powerful hybrid enterprises, whose innovations shape how we work and live, to every level of leadership and across the entire organization.

Technology leadership: By connecting enterprise data and systems, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and other technology executives can leverage enterprise-wide AI while maximizing ROI, sustaining scalability and providing transparency for the board. IT leaders can deliver on business vision without compromising control, and eliminate the complexities of data accessibility, usability and connectivity that undermine their stronghold within the enterprise.

Data practitioners and project managers: Data engineers, business intelligence managers and other practitioners can reduce the day-to-day friction and time spent managing enterprise connectivity with automation — and move at the speed and scale of AI.

Business leaders across departments: Leaders in human resources, marketing, sales and other line of business roles need data, and they’re accessing it from a rapidly expanding, decentralized stack. With a no and low-code integration platform, business users can access:

  • AI-augmented data pipeline design
  • Managed self-service
  • Pre-built intelligent connectors

Why the SnapLogic platform? Why now?

Connectivity is an enterprise’s greatest competitive advantage. Our centralized, future-ready platform helps companies create a data infrastructure that supports robust and consistent data flow throughout the business — to unlock continuous outcomes, keep pace with constant change, and adapt as needs evolve.

Built by visionaries, for visionaries. SnapLogic’s industry expertise inspires us to go beyond the status quo to deliver transformation at scale. Our challenger DNA and deep customer understanding informs everything we do — from the way we develop our product, to the way we engage our partners, to the way we activate our people. 

Greater insight can fuel exponential growth. Our platform is designed to drive informed decision-making, enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency, and scalable innovation.

This is a new era that requires new solutions. Some innovative companies rely on their name or leadership alone to drive interest in disruptive technologies. Perhaps I’m biased, but that’s not how SnapLogic intends to move forward. We want everyone to understand just how powerful generative integration is and will continue to be for harnessing all the opportunities bubbling up in AI. 

Say hello to an easier, faster way to manage data

There are those who watch the world change, and those who make changes happen. SnapLogic is stepping into the future with the first platform designed for generative integration, aimed to connect everything across the enterprise. It’s a future where working in silos is replaced by working in unison. 

Say hello to the future. Hello to generative integration, hello to connected workflows at the speed AI demands to connect all people, departments, data and beyond. Because everything’s changing — but everything is also what’s possible.

Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
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Hello opportunity. Hello connectivity. Hello growth. Hello everything.

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