The importance of a multi-cloud strategy

Sarah Sefton
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SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon recently took the stage at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon and spoke about the need for companies to deploy a multi-cloud strategy – highlighting some SnapLogic customers who have successfully done so. Likening SnapLogic to Switzerland (SnapLogic being the smaller, neutral company partnering with, and in the midst of, larger cloud companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google), Gaurav talked about how now is an exciting time to be in the cloud business with its technology, pricing, and SaaS innovations. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – all large public cloud providers – provide the might to meet the very specific needs of their customers.

Because each provider has strengths – Amazon, for example, has the largest overall footprint while Microsoft excels most in on-premises scenarios – companies should work with more than one of these top providers to reap the benefits of each, and avoid potential issues such as those related to disaster recovery, data gravity, and availability of reserve instances.

Gaurav focused on some SnapLogic customers that do multi-cloud particularly well and shared stories about AstraZeneca, Emirates, and Schneider Electric. Details of these use cases are included in the video below and here.

In his keynote, Gaurav also discussed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to dynamically provide new capabilities that look at patterns of customer usage. As more companies take the “lift and shift” approach of moving applications and data to the cloud, AI and machine learning functionalities improve, providing a more complete view of what customers are doing, how they are using products, and ultimately how to better serve their needs. Ultimately, a win-win for products and users alike.

For more on how SnapLogic is currently using Artificial Intelligence, read about our Iris AI technology.

Sarah Sefton
Chief of Staff at SnapLogic

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