Integrate UKG Pro and Workday HCM: Automation with the Turn-Key Connector (TKC)

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Problems with the Typical Integration Solution:

UKG and Eljun LLC, a leading HCM integrations consultancy, have collaborated to develop a brand new solution called the Turn-Key Connector (TKC) to  keep UKG Pro and Workday HCM systems in perfect parity, no matter what data your organization needs to manage.

Typically, Workday HCM integrations with 3rd party payroll systems leverage change-detection services delivered by Workday itself. There are two varieties of these services, called PECI and PICOF. If you want to connect UKG Pro for payroll, and you use Workday HCM as your system of record, these services are probably where you’ll start.

While often a good starting point for building an integration, PECI/PICOF change files are not exhaustive. You’ll likely need to push organizational or job metadata to UKG Pro for example, something the Workday services can’t directly provide.

You also have no direct control over the business rules driving the change detection, leaving you with a host of issues related to rescinded transactions, future-dated changes, contingent worker routing, and much more.

To make matters even more complicated, PECI/PICOF are not integrations themselves but rather starting points for an integration. Functionally, they work as data sources. That leaves you to figure out how to design an integration, where to host it, and who will maintain it moving forward.

Do Better with the TKC:

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle any of these problems on your own. Using the TKC by Eljun LLC, your organization can quickly get UKG Pro and Workday HCM connected with infinite customization, total control of business logics, and complete data schemas. The solution is also the only inbound integration from Workday HCM into UKG Pro certified by UKG themselves.

If you’re a new customer looking to stand up this integration for the first time, the TKC offers the fastest and most effective path to a production-ready environment.

Alternatively, if you’re a customer already using an integration but trying to accommodate a litany of problems and shortcomings (like those outlined above), the TKC provides a mechanism to finally put those issues behind you.

Ready to learn how the TKC can help you save time, money, and reduce risk? Contact us now to set up a call, or check out some additional materials on our website.

How We Do It:

Powered by SnapLogic, a cutting-edge data streaming technology, the TKC performs a series of complicated data transformations, routing, and quality control at scale. A cloud-native technology, SnapLogic streams your business data from point to point, never putting your data at rest. That means your data is always extremely secure, with no risky data custody chain to manage.

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