Data Integration Challenges in Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly competitive and transparent as new technologies and companies disrupt the industry’s ecosystem. Both healthcare providers and payers are pressured to increase value in their programs and services to stay ahead. A growing number of healthcare leaders recognize that data is the new currency in the healthcare playing field. And it’s their duty to harness data and analytics to make informed business decisions, gain a competitive edge, and spur growth.

The crux of the matter, however, is that providers and payers experience data integration challenges in healthcare and are unable to access data easily when it resides in multiple places or when the time it takes to process data is longer than conducting the actual analytics itself. Due to the lack of data or inaccessibility to data, leaders are unable to understand the market’s population or uncover areas of opportunities to provide value-based care model to their patients.

Without data readily available to them, both healthcare providers and payers can neither pinpoint what works well or what needs improvement in their existing programs, nor understand their patients’ preferences, health risks, and social influences in order to provide more value to their patients.

Through data analytics and with access to healthcare data integration companies, healthcare leaders are better able to track progress, assess performance, and deliver care. Nevertheless, as healthcare leaders adopt new technologies and undertake initiatives to bring data together for analytics, they often face challenges, including data complexity and security needs.

In working with hundreds of healthcare organizations, SnapLogic has had the opportunity to uncover and fix the hurdles that healthcare providers and payers face in this changing landscape. We will be hosting a live webcast to share the challenges the healthcare industry faces as it shifts away from a traditional, reactive use of data to a proactive, predictive approach, and how modern integration solutions are the first step to bridging the gap to the future. We will also talk about how leading healthcare organizations are increasing business value and productivity by successfully capturing, securing, and harmonizing data rapidly without writing a single line of code.

To learn more about how healthcare leaders can transform their organizations, watch our healthcare webcast – Accelerating the Healthcare Industry’s Transformation Through Faster Integration.

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