iPaaS in the News: @SnapLogic Named an EMA Vendor to Watch


Today we announced that Enterprise Management Research has named SnapLogic as “a Vendor to Watch.” The report is written by Evan Quinn, Information Management research director at EMA who has over 20 years of experience as an IT practitioner and nearly 20 years of experience as an industry analyst. He notes in the report:

?As more companies deploy more cloud-based enterprise applications, the need for faster and more agile approaches to data and application integration are becoming paramount. SnapLogic is providing an easy and fast, yet highly dependable, way to integrate the proliferation of SaaS applications with one another and with on-premise applications. SnapLogic offers CIOs a straightforward path to deal with today?s increasingly complicated integration landscape.?

Here are a few other highlights from the report:

  • No matter the business driving force behind application development, from a SaaS vendor adding payment features, to connecting into new supply chain partners through a PaaS, to performing application modernization where legacy app data surfaces in a social context, CIOs and business managers in organizations of all sizes are looking for integration speed without sacrificing dependability.
  • The part that customers delight in when they dig deeper is that SnapLogic combines the speed and developer-friendly approach with enterprise-grade, yet flexible, options.
  • Enterprises have always been open to new, more efficient approaches, as long as they didn?t put the enterprise at risk. It is precisely the balance of new style development with old style dependability that truly sets SnapLogic apart.

You can read the full report on the SnapLogic website here.

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