Magellan Health: Building the Connected Enterprise

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When CIO/CTO Srini Koushik arrived at Magellan Health four years ago, his mission was clear: to deliver innovative products and services that resulted in business outcomes that were 10x greater than competitors due to the use of breakthrough organizational techniques and modern exponential technologies.

With entrenched competitors 10, 20, even 30 times larger than Magellan, and a diverse and growing customer base that expected exceptional services without cost increases, Koushik’s promise to modernize and transform the $7 billion Arizona-based healthcare company’s IT organization was central to Magellan’s ability to “dance with the elephants” and deliver on its mission of leading humanity to healthy, vibrant lives.

As Koushik looked at Magellan’s complex IT landscape, he first knew he needed to put in place key architectural principles to guide Magellan’s journey in the years ahead. These included:

  • Build vs. buy: Build new technology capability when there’s competitive differentiation, otherwise buy
  • Cloud- and mobile-first: When buying new technology, make cloud and mobile technologies the default
  • Extend the core: Build on the core systems developed in the past and bring them into the modern era
  • Act like a startup: Start small, and if a project fails, pivot, but if it works, scale up quickly
  • Enable the ecosystem: Plug into and engage with the vibrant ecosystem surrounding Magellan

With guiding principles in place, Koushik collaborated with SnapLogic and set out to tackle five strategic initiatives that would put Magellan on the path to a connected enterprise:

  • Extend the core: Encapsulate the best of Magellan’s legacy technologies and connect them to the newer set of modern solutions being implemented
  • B2B integration: Drive operational efficiency through faster, more seamless exchange of critical files with hundreds of customers and partners every day
  • SaaS connectivity: Integrate the more than 20+ SaaS applications across Magellan, including Workday for HR and talent management, ServiceNow for IT service management, Okta for single sign-on, and more
  • Automation: Automate simple, repetitive tasks to free up both Magellan IT and business teams to focus on more strategic projects
  • Big data: Leverage the massive amounts of data Magellan collects by getting it into a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure where it can be accessed, analyzed, and acted on by Magellan’s data teams

Four years later, with SnapLogic in place, Magellan has put into production more than 100 pipelines, and integrated more than 20 SaaS applications. Koushik’s team has done this while keeping IT resources and budgets flat, along the way helping the company to double revenues in the same time period. As Koushik puts it, “you can’t ask for anything more!”

To learn more from Koushik about Magellan’s transformation journey, watch the video:

Former Head of Corporate Communications at SnapLogic
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