May 2020 release: Dramatically improve productivity with the latest Iris innovations!

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Build painless integrations, increase collaboration, and automate workflows with new SAP S/4HANA Snaps, and more

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the May 2020 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP). New Iris artificial intelligence (AI) innovations within this release allow you to build painless integrations, increase collaboration within your organization with new Stickies, and automate workflows with new SAP S/4HANA Snaps, among many more.

New Mask Snap, powered by Iris AI: Simplify data masking! 

As you work with a variety of data in your dev and test environments, it is always good practice to shield and protect sensitive information. Masking sensitive or personally identifiable information such as social security numbers (SSN), email addresses, names, street addresses, and birthdates is made a breeze with our new Mask Snap. 

With the Mask Snap, Iris AI is embedded in every step of the way. Iris provides you suggestions on the fields you should mask, recommended search mode, recommended match mode, recommended masking options, etc. You can remove or mask fields and it works with all data types, including highly-nested JSON. Watch this video and learn how you can configure the new Mask Snap and customize it for your needs.

Figure 1: The new Mask Snap
Figure 1: The new Mask Snap

Build integrations effortlessly with Snap configuration and target recommendations from Iris AI

We continue to enhance our industry-leading AI technology to make it easy for you to build integrations and automations, easily and painlessly. With the new May 2020 release, as you are configuring a database or an application Snap, Iris AI now provides configuration recommendations such as schema name, object name. To provide these recommendations, Iris employs over five years of metadata information and usage patterns to intelligently determine the most commonly used schemas and objects in your organization. 

Figure 2: Iris AI-driven Snap configuration recommendations
Figure 2: Iris AI-driven Snap configuration recommendations

From source to destination, Iris AI continues to make things extremely easy for your schema mappings so that you can map even complex schemas in minutes. With the May 2020 release, Iris now provides target recommendations in Mapper for exact matches between source and destination schemas. 

Figure 3: Iris AI-driven target recommendations in Mapper
Figure 3: Iris AI-driven target recommendations in Mapper

Boost collaboration with peers using Stickies!

SnapLogic customers who have previewed our May 2020 release have embraced our new Stickies feature with great enthusiasm. Stickies enables better collaboration and documentation of your pipeline building efforts. Stickies allow you to create and post notes on the Designer canvas to annotate different parts of the pipeline and document the workings of a pipeline in detail. Stickies provide a great collaboration tool between IT teams, who might create pipelines, and business teams, who might want to customize and run pipelines based on their specific needs.  

Stickies reside at the pipeline level, thus, they complement the Snap level ‘note’ feature already present in the platform. Additionally, Stickies are part of a pipeline’s metadata – export stickies along with your pipelines.

Figure 4: Stickies increases collaboration with your team
Figure 4: Stickies increases collaboration with your team

Produce deeper operational insights with Insights dashboard and task monitoring

In the May 2020 release, to provide you with trends data on operational parameters and task level insights into your SnapLogic deployment, we have made significant updates to the Dashboard tab.

With the enhanced Insights tab, you can improve operational efficiency with a view of historic usage and trends across key performance indicators (KPIs) such as documents processed, pipeline executions, Snap executions, etc. You have an ability not just to filter these KPIs based on specific criteria but also to personalize the view so that you can have the most relevant visualizations at the top.

Figure 5: Enhanced Insights Dashboard with trends
Figure 5: Enhanced Insights Dashboard with trends

In the May 2020 release, we have also introduced a new tab, called ‘Task’, to provide a task level view of your SnapLogic deployment. You can monitor the performance and health of your tasks and drill down into historical information to identify where certain tasks are failing or underperforming. You can significantly improve your efficiency as you troubleshoot the root cause of a dip in performance or failure.

Figure 6: Historical task-level view in Dashboard
Figure 6: Historical task-level view in Dashboard

Check out this demo on all our Platform enhancements.

Automate your customer journey with new SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack

Another key update in the May 2020 release is the new SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack. SAP S/4HANA, is a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that leverages SAP HANA, an in-memory database. Here are a few key use cases where you can leverage your SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack:

  • Order-to-Cash from Salesforce to SAP S/4HANA
  • Real-time inventory management from databases to SAP S/4HANA
  • Advanced financial planning with data from SAP S/4HANA to Anaplan
  • Managing and engaging talent with automations across Workday and SAP S/4 HANA
  • Managing organizational spend across Coupa or SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA

The SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack provides Create, Delete, Read, and Update Snaps and massively simplifies data modeling as you build automated business processes that connect SAP S/4HANA with other systems.

To learn more about the new SAP S/4HANA Snaps, check out this video.

Build a single source of truth for your customer profile data in Adobe Experience Platform

We have also updated the Adobe Experience Platform, previously referred to as Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack. You can use it as the single source of truth for your customer profile data. With these updates, you can update and maintain customer data in real-time to power accurate, up-to-the-moment, insights for your sales, marketing, and support teams. This Snap Pack update consists of a Write Snap, an S3 connector, and an AEP File Generator to empower you to leverage the capabilities of the Adobe Experience Platform and eliminate data silos for your customer profile data.

Connect with other Snap updates with confidence

We have updated a number of other Snap Packs. Learn more details about them here, in our documentation.

  • Cassandra Snap Pack: now updated to support v3, with an updated JDBC driver
  • Snowflake Snap Pack: updated to JDBC driver version 3.12.3.
  • ServiceNow Snaps: now certified against Madrid, Orlando, and New York versions.
  • Oracle Snaps now supports version 19c.

SnapLogic eXtreme enhancements

Offering enhanced account encryption and cross-account IAM roles, SnapLogic eXtreme gets a big security boost with this release. These two new enhancements help your organization improve its security posture while delegating access to AWS EMR resources that SnapLogic eXtreme leverages to execute Spark-based pipelines.

Enhanced Account Encryption leverages Amazon KMS asymmetric keys– you no longer need to put in the secret key associated with your account in the SnapLogic UI. Additionally, Cross-Account IAM Role enables SnapLogic to assume an authorized role for the purpose of managing the lifecycle of Amazon EMR clusters that run Spark mode data transformations, so you don’t have to.

SnapLogic eXtreme now is broadly applicable with support for any JDBC compliant data store. You can leverage a Spark mode pipeline to read from or write to any JDBC compliant database. This feature improves the time to value of some of your big data workloads as you no longer need to use a data lake like S3 for staging. To learn more about SnapLogic eXtreme updates, please visit the documentation here.

If you missed the product release webinar, you can watch it here. Learn more about these updates by visiting the SnapLogic Documentation. You can also visit the SnapLogic Community to engage with others and get your questions answered.

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