New pipeline patterns added to the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog!

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We have been furiously adding new pipeline patterns each week to the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog! Since its inception last September, we have seen hundreds of patterns downloads from our Community members, which is why we continue to bring new and relevant patterns to our customers and partners.

So what is the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog?

The SnapLogic Patterns Catalog is a library of pre-built integration templates SnapLogic Community members can use to create integrations without having to build them from scratch.

Not only does the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog help speed up application and data integrations, but it also spurs peer-to-peer conversations on topics such as selecting the right pattern for your integration needs, optimizing expression languages, and more.

We have also seen more members requesting new patterns to meet their growing integration needs. To meet the rising demand for patterns, we have recruited Agilisium, InterWorks and other partners to contribute to the Patterns Catalog. We also welcome customers to share patterns they have built with their peers in the Community.

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Figure 1: The SnapLogic Patterns Catalog is filled with new pipeline patterns each week!

The SnapLogic Patterns Catalog includes four types of patterns, including application integration, data warehousing, ETL, and SnapLogic-specific patterns. Some of our most popular patterns include:

Top Application Integration pattern: Ingest Salesforce contacts into Azure Storage (WASB)

SnapLogic Salesforce into Azure

With merely four Snaps in this pattern workflow, you can ingest your Salesforce contacts into Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB).

Top Data Warehousing pattern: Move data from Oracle to Amazon Redshift

SnapLogic Oracle Data into Redshift

You can move data from your Oracle instance into Amazon Redshift within minutes.

Top ETL pattern: Data Manipulation using JavaScript

SnapLogic Top ETL Pattern
Transform your data easily with javascript.

Top SnapLogic-specific pattern: Error Handling

SnapLogic Error Handling Pipeline Pattern
Capture errors before your pipelines fail due to errors.

Interested in using patterns? Visit the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog hosted in the SnapLogic Community.

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