O’Reilly Webcast ft. SnapLogic IoT Expert

Interested in connected devices and the Internet of Things? Tomorrow, SnapLogic product manager and IoT expert Shayne Hodge will be the featured presenter on an O’Reilly Media webinar titled: “The CEO proximity warning device: Prototyping a cellular, GPS-enabled cloud-connected IoT device.” Register here to secure a spot.

This session will be held at 10am PT tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14th, and follows Shayne as he walks through prototyping a simple battery-powered, cloud-connected, GPS device that communicates its position via a cellular connection.


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Shayne shares the software that moves the data from the provider’s cloud into your own data store and explains ways of visualizing the data. To provide motivation and a user story for this device, Shayne will be installing the device in his CEO’s car: he’ll get an alert when his CEO gets close to the office so he knows to stop watching cat videos and get to work. Shayne also demonstrates passing the alert to another IoT device (a light fixture) and visualizing it on a web page and explores privacy concerns. Code will be primarily in C++ (Particle.io), Python (Flask), and JavaScript on the frontend with PostgreSQL as the data store.

We hope you can attend this session with one of our very own experts. For additional upcoming webinars and events, check out our Events page.



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